Soy Beans ( Jonny) 英語で読んでみようチャレンジ Vol.3

     As I continue my blog on farming, I’m going to talk about a crop I grow every year. That crop is soy bean. This summer and every summer for the past 7-10 years I have grown soy beans. Where I live in Kasuga we plant and harvest Soy bean 4 times a year. We harvest them in mid-June, July, September, and October. The soy beans all come from the same seed, they are just planted and different times of the year. Each soy bean taste delicious!

The first soy bean I plant and harvest is called Waseguro, I usually plant the seeds in April and harvest them mid-June. The second soy bean I plant and harvest is called Tanguro, I plant the seeds around the end of April and harvest them early July. The third soy bean I plant and harvest is called Kurokohime, and, I plant the seeds in June and harvest them in September. The last soy bean I grow is called Hongoro, I plant the seeds in July and harvest them in October. The hongoro soy bean plant if I leave in the field till November or December then I can get Kuromame from it!
There you have it! The 4 different soy beans we plant and harvest every year in Kasuga! I hope you enjoyed it! Until next time, have a good one!













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